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i am happy to report that i still have my right eyeball.

as i was getting ready for a big-ish day at work, i suddenly started to feel excruciating pain in my eye. i thought, “must be an eyelash!” so i flushed the eye over and over and i inspected my eye socket for this eyelash.

but i found nothing. NOTHING!

i flailed around in panic/agony for a while and eventually pulled myself together. i eventually began to stumble around to get dressed and asked kk to drive me to work.

after making the earliest appointment with my optometrist/ophthalmologist/whatever for 10:45, i sat at my desk with an incapacitated eye that rendered me useless - i’m sure I looked like quasimodo. it felt like sand was stuck under my eyelid and scraping my eyeball for the last 3 hours. do you know how hard it is to work on a brief when you can’t stare at your computer?

i eventually convinced myself that i probably had some horrible illness and that my eye was going to be removed. because that’s just my luck (once, i mysteriously got meningitis. MENINGITIS!!) and because i just finished reading “the fault in our stars” and SPOILER ALERT: there’s a blind character in the book.

i made it to the doctor’s office where i paid $75 for her to flip my eyelid up (ew!), poke around with a q-tip, and retrieve the tiniest speck of…

wait for it…


WTF. in my 15-ish years of exfoliating my face that has never happened.

you don’t know pain until you’ve had a speck of apricot scrub stuck under your eyelid.

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feeling pretty accomplished - first 6-mile run since august #runhappy #loveliverun

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speckels lake #seenonmyrun #loveliverun #runhappy

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tonight we had honey and chili chicken thighs with creamy cilantro sauce for dinner. it was #nomnom

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how is this comfortable? such a weirdo…

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i just want to show you all my glitter belt…

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hi, hunter. #sfgiants #attpark

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i know this is the same picture as the first, but it’s just so much prettier! #attpark #sfgiants

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first game of the season! <3 angel pagan! 😍

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just a few thoughts

1. how do we feel about grown men who don’t give their seats up for (bag) ladies? i’m torn because betrothed always gets up and i’m like, “whyyyyyyyy nobody else does ittttttt??!!” yet as a (bag) lady i’d HIGHLY appreciate this one particular man who is neither a senior nor a disabled person offering me his seat because hi, my bags are heavy.

2. just scrolling through my dash and saw a photo of a police dog being saluted while he is being walked into a vet’s office to be put down. HAPPY WHATEVER DAY IT IS TO YOU!!!

3. i had a meltdown last night at 11:30 so i scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen until 1:00 am. that’s normal, right?

4. giants game tonight.


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hot pink shoes + navy make everything better when one is feeling a bit under the weather, right?

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nails brought to you by deborah lippman (daytripper), butter (rosie lee), and my leg/butt exercises. 😜

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How I feel at work every day

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When I take a cab for just a few blocks

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